Spouse/Partner Consent. What is it and do you need it for your business?

Spouse/Partner Consent. What is it and do you need it for your business? If you have read our past blog posts, you know we advise our small business clients  to ensure they have well-drafted formation documents  -- including ownership transfer restrictions and buy/sell provisions. For businesses with partners, shareholders or members who are married or in domestic partnerships, there is an often over-looked but Read More

What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid? Medicare? Medicaid? Already confused? Read on and we will try to help you make sense of the differences between these two very different governmental health insurance programs. Medicare If you are 65 or older, you are entitled to government sponsored Medicare benefits regardless of your income or net worth or where you live in the U.S.[1]  You can choose Read More

NY Residential Real Estate – an Overview

NY Residential Real Estate – an Overview According to a recent report from CBS News, home prices are shattering records all across the United States, and New York is no exception. Earlier this year, ABC7 New York cited real estate survey data indicating that year-over-year median home sale prices were up nearly $73,000 in Suffolk County, and $75,000 in Nassau County. With inventory of available homes low and Read More

How Long Must Health Care Providers Keep Treatment Records?

How Long Must Health Care Providers Keep Treatment Records? Health care providers are custodians of treatment records for their patients and must be able to provide copies of those records on request. Providers also must be able to produce records to support claims for payment from insurers and to defend potential disciplinary actions or malpractice lawsuits. Yet health care providers are not expected to maintain Read More

How Long Should You Keep New York and New Jersey Business Records?

Part One: General Business Records Do you have a filing cabinet full of business documents that you haven’t looked at in years? Do you need help determining what to keep and what you can shred? If so, read on! Federal Record Retention Requirements Businesses must comply with certain federal laws that apply nationwide. Several more notable federal record retention requirements that warrant particular Read More

Key Commercial Lease Agreement Concerns

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have received many requests to review commercial leases and rent relief lease modifications. By and large, commercial landlords have offered meaningful relief to tenants impacted by the pandemic. Our focus this month is on commercial leases.  Whether you are a commercial landlord or a business owner renting office, studio, retail or even warehouse space, it is crucial that you Read More

The Power and Importance of a Well-Crafted Indemnification Provision

An indemnification provision is a contract clause that shifts potential costs/losses from one party to another. Indemnification provisions also are used to protect one side from legal liability in the event a third party is harmed. For business owners and managers, an indemnity clause can read as the dry and complex boilerplate language that is included in every contract. It is a big mistake to overlook the Read More

What Does the New Power of Attorney Legislation Mean For New Yorkers?

On December 15th, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law NY State Senate Bill S3923A, which contains long-awaited and welcome changes to New York’s Statutory Power of Attorney form (POA).  A POA is used to authorize another person to take legal or financial action on your behalf if you are unavailable or unable to act on your own. For example, a POA can serve as a one-time convenience to allow Read More

Are You Prepared For the New Year?

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” ― Albert Einstein For most of us, 2020 is the year we would like to forget. However, the challenges and struggles of this year also present an opportunity to assess our strengths and take a hard look at our weaknesses and plan for the coming year. At Loganzo & Mantell PLLC, we have experience guiding businesses and individuals through challenging Read More

Keeping Your Corporate House in Order: Part Two

In last month’s blog post, we discussed documentation that provides a strong foundation for starting your business. In this month’s half of our two-part series about keeping your corporate house in order, we look at documents that will help your business stay on track and moving forward. 1) Biennial statements Every domestic and foreign business corporation, LLC, and LLP in New York must file biennial or Read More