Are You Prepared For the New Year?

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” ― Albert Einstein For most of us, 2020 is the year we would like to forget. However, the challenges and struggles of this year also present an opportunity to assess our strengths and take a hard look at our weaknesses and plan for the coming year. At Loganzo & Mantell PLLC, we have experience guiding businesses and individuals through challenging Read More

Keeping Your Corporate House in Order: Part Two

In last month’s blog post, we discussed documentation that provides a strong foundation for starting your business. In this month’s half of our two-part series about keeping your corporate house in order, we look at documents that will help your business stay on track and moving forward. 1) Biennial statements Every domestic and foreign business corporation, LLC, and LLP in New York must file biennial or Read More

Keeping Your Corporate House in Order: Part One

Your business consists of many moving parts. While it may not be the most exciting aspect of running a business, keeping your corporate house in order, with the guidance of the right counsel, is well worth the time.   In this two-part blog series, we will take a look at some of the documentation you’ll need to keep secure, up-to-date, and readily accessible so your business is positioned for continued growth and Read More

How Medicare’s Approach to Telehealth May Change in 2021

New telehealth services will be covered by Medicare under the proposed 2021 Physician Fee Schedule, which was released last month. The increase in coverage is significant in comparison to the minor increases seen in past years and likely was fueled by the growing desire for remote access to health care services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to the CDC, limited use of telehealth services has been a Read More

Better Planning for Business Breakups

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra What would happen if you or your business partner decided to retire? Or what if one of you decided to exit from the business to pursue other interests? If you don’t have a well-prepared plan for managing these inevitable transitions, you may well end up in a place you do not want to be. Planning in advance for the departure of a Read More

Advance Planning for the Unknown Costs of Dementia for Individuals and Families

Dementia is a frightening diagnosis with many unknowns. Given its growing prevalence in the United States it is likely that you or a loved one have been or will be affected by dementia in the future. Studies predict that close to 500,000 people over age 65 in the United States this year will develop Alzheimer’s dementia (the most common form of dementia) with this number expected to double by 2050. A 2015 study found Read More

Business Succession Planning in Troubled Times

The troubled times that we’re currently living in have driven one big fact home for many of us: Tomorrow is never promised. Anything we take for granted -- such as our lives or our financial stability -- can be taken away at any moment. This is a heavy reality to consider, but giving it some thought can actually be a good thing. When we accept that the unexpected can occur at any time, it presents us with the Read More

A Big Change to NY Community Medicaid

A big change is coming to NY Community Medicaid (Home Care) that may warrant a consultation with an elder law attorney sooner rather than later if you or a loved one is on the cusp of needing long-term care services and want to explore Medicaid eligibility as a way to pay for those services. There is currently no “lookback” period applicable to transfers of wealth as part of the NY Community Medicaid application. Read More

The Importance of Your Team During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now more than ever, business owners and individuals alike need a team behind them. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to uncertainty, both in our personal and professional lives. The Loganzo & Mantell PLLC team is here to help through it all, and we know that many of the other professionals you share relationships with are as well. Read on to learn more about the help you will need from your team as we all Read More

Tips for HIPAA Compliance in Ordinary and Extraordinary Times

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This federal law, enacted in 1996, is intended to set a national standard for protecting the privacy and security of health records and other individually identifiable health information. Many things can qualify as protected health information (PHI), including names, addresses, social security numbers, medical record entries, recorded dates (birth, Read More