Business Checkup: Year-End Considerations

As the year draws to a close, what are you doing to ensure that your business is positioned for continued success? Just like our bodies, our businesses need check ups too.  Throughout the year, you probably check in with yourself every now and then (some of us more diligently than others) -- How am I feeling? Am I eating well and exercising? Am I happy and healthy? We seek help when our self-evaluations reveal Read More

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

Do you have a Long-Term Care policy but are unsure about what is actually covered? Do you know how to access the benefits you paid for now that you need them? Are you considering investing in a Long-Term Care policy for yourself or a loved one? At Loganzo & Mantell PLLC, guiding clients through obstacles and helping them better understand their Long-Term Care Policies and options are one of our “superpowers.” Read More

3 Reasons to Have Ongoing General Counsel for Your Business

Large companies have the luxury of employing full-time in house legal counsel. These general counsel are familiar with the business and are readily available. They work internally, ensuring that their company operates within the limits of the law and avoids costly mistakes that could lead to lost opportunities, misunderstandings, disputes, litigation, or a damaged reputation. At Loganzo & Mantell, we understand Read More

Three Differences Between Crisis and Advance Medicaid Planning

It is not easy to predict when, or even if, you will need long term care for a chronic illness, disability, or assistance with activities of daily living as you age. Proactive planning has many benefits. However, even if you have not planned ahead and a medical crisis occurs that requires an imminent nursing home placement, there are still options. That said, your course of action will be different if you are Read More

Start with a Great Team

Behind every successful business is a top-notch team of supporting players.  The right outside professionals keep your business running efficiently and effectively.  These crucial professionals assist business owners in implementing sound financial plans while minimizing risks, maximizing tax advantages and keeping key players up-to-date on best practices and the legal and financial health of their business. Smart Read More